Opportunities 3/2016

The Bechtel UPF Project requests that your company update information on the Bechtel Supplier and Contractor Portal (http://bechtel.com/supplier/). Please select the “Goods and Services” codes that best describes your company’s core business. Updates must be completed by March 21st as the UPF Acquisition Services Organization will use the information contained in the Bechtel Supplier and Contractor Portal to develop preliminary bid lists organized by the “Goods and Services” codes. If you require assistance with the Bechtel Supplier and Contractor Portal, please use the CONTACT US link provided in the Portal to contact the Help Desk. Elaine Najmola, UPF Supplier Development and Small Business Advocate, (865) 241-1241.
The Jefferson County Housing Authority (Authority) is requesting qualifications from interested and qualified Architectural firms to design and prepare working Drawings and Technical Specifications, Construction Management, and Construction Document Management for modifications to our public housing communities located in Jefferson County. The information provided in this Request for Qualifications is the information needed to make an evaluation of each firm.  This Request for Qualification has been posted because the Jefferson County Housing Authority is seeking Architectural and Engineering services from a qualified professional firm, who‟s services are needed to help in the planning, execution, and management of Renovation and Modernization projects which will be funded by our FFY2014 and FFY2015 Capital Fund Program Grants: AL09P086501-14 and AL09P086501-15. The respondents written Qualifications shall be received at the Jefferson County Housing Authority‟s main office, where they will be evaluated to determine the Architect/Firm who‟s qualifications best suit the Authority‟s needs for the upcoming work. Instructions for submission are described later in this document. RFQ FOR CFP GRANTS FY2014-FY2015.pdf (955 KB)Show options

STEM Education in Rural Schools Funded
Monsanto Fund: America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education
America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education, an initiative of the Monsanto Fund, helps farmers positively impact their communities and support local school districts. The program gives farmers in selected counties in 40 states the opportunity to nominate a rural public school district to compete for grants to promote science and math education. Once nominated by a local farmer, school district administrators are eligible to submit an application for either a grant of up to $10,000 or a grant of up to $25,000 to support a science or math educational program. The more farmers that nominate a school district, the more it demonstrates community support and strengthens the school district’s application. Farmers must submit nominations by April 1, 2016, and the deadline for schools to apply is April 15, 2016. Visit the program’s website to submit an online nomination.

Seed Grants Promote Music, Education, and Community Organizing
Sparkplug Foundation
The Sparkplug Foundation primarily provides grants to start-up nonprofit organizations or new projects of established nonprofits that are addressing the fields of music, education, and community organizing. In the Music category, the Foundation supports emerging professional musicians or music-development programs. In Education and Teaching, the Foundation funds projects that deal with “the whole student” and with learning as a community activity. Through Grassroots Organizing, the Foundation encourages activist strategies for addressing institutional injustices and for building a reasoned, just society. The current focus is on ground-level community organizing at the intersection of utilities/energy infrastructure, housing/community resources, and racial justice. The Foundation also provides limited support for projects in Israel that involve Palestinian communities. Online questionnaires must be completed by April 15, 2016. Letters of intent are due April 22, and the deadline for final applications is May 13, 2016. Visit the Foundation’s website to review its mission and funding guidelines as well as the online application instructions.

Funds Available for Low-Income Housing and Community Revitalization
Community Development Financial Institutions Fund
The Capital Magnet Fund provides support to finance affordable housing solutions and community revitalization efforts that benefit low-income people and communities. The application deadline is March 30, 2016.