Chicago Defender – Celebrating Black Business Month in Alabama

The United States’ first profitable Black newspaper, the Chicago Defender, founded in 1905 by Robert Abbott, became a million- dollar business from street sales and both local and national subscriptions. We salute Alabama’s Black newspapers:

  • The Birmingham Times
  • Speakin’ Out News (Huntsville/North Alabama)
  • Heritage Tribune (Mobile)
  • The Reporter (Gadsden
  • Valley Weekly (Huntsville)

About the Alabama State Black Chamber of Commerce (ASBCC) Network

The Alabama State Black Chamber of Commerce Network consists of the ASBCC, Birmingham Metro Black Chamber of Commerce, Mobile Area Black Chamber of Commerce, North Alabama African American Chamber of Commerce, Northeast Alabama Black Chamber of Commerce, River Region Black Chamber of Commerce, and the Tuscaloosa Black Chamber of Commerce. For information about and membership with the ASBCC visit

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