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Dedicated to Economically Empowering and Sustaining African American Communities Through Entrepreneurial Activities

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The ASBCC is a private non-profit entity committed to advancing the economic, intellectual, and social conditions of its affiliates and members and the communities that they serve throughout Alabama.
Alabama’s Black firms generate less than 1% of the total sales/receipts generated by Alabama businesses.

Problems Facing Alabama’s Black Businesses:

  • Limited & reduced access to capital and credit due in part to stricter regulatory oversight.
  • Primarily in slow growth industries.
  • Inability to obtain contracts and historic under utilization of Black businesses on state and local contracts.
  • Slow recovery from the 2007 recession.
  • Higher rates of Black unemployment resulting in lower disposable income and consumer spending .
  • Limited access to information and tools to grow their business.
  • No advocacy for Black business community statewide.
  • Grow a strong, vital, and united Black business community
  • Creation of value for local chamber affiliates and members
  • Position ASBCC as the leading advocate for Black business issues
  • Assess, evaluate, and align the organization and operation of ASBCC

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